Self Improvement – It’s Such an Adrenalin Rush

Self improvement can be one the most rewarding, exciting and pleasurable things one can do. When you embark on the road of self discovery, you wake up each morning full of expectation knowing that, before the day ends, you’ll have learnt something new about yourself and the world around you.

Many people live their lives in a state of inertia; unable to conjure up any enthusiasm about any aspect of their life. They waste their life away, only able to endure the emptiness with meaningless and hollow diversions like drugs, alcohol, casual relationships, TV and gambling. But, for those of us who have embarked on a journey of self discovery life is full to the brim. The need for self improvement makes us eager to greet each day; knowing that before the day is out, we will discover something about our inner self, something that makes life a joy to live.

The more you learn about your inner self, the more you want to learn; it’s almost like an addiction. As you unravel yourself and the world about you, you begin to understand and accept your place in it. Like athletes who get high on exercise, those on the road to self discovery get a rush with each step they take or each time they reach a point of realisation. It’s a feeling only those on the same path can understand.

Of course, the journey of self improvement is not always an easy one. There are times when we experience set back after set back, when we seem to regress rather than progress. But this is only to be expected. All sports people experience feelings of failure and frustration, but they know in their hearts, that one day they’ll achieve their goal; the same thinking is followed by those who want to improve themselves. By sticking with it, they know they’ll achieve a goal and feel that sweet rush of contentment that comes from achievement.

Self improvement isn’t a selfish thing to do either. As you grow in contentment, so too will those around you, just like a soccer player scoring a goal; not only does he feel the heady rush of joy, so do his team mates. Self improvement is a shared experience; there’s plenty of it to go around. Passing on your self improvement tips to others, doesn’t cost you anything and will only benefit those who take the time to listen and apply what you have learned. You’ll also find that those around you will help you in return; self discovery is people discovery.

Self improvement is an adrenalin rush. The rush comes from achieving goals and dreams, be they large or small. It’s the biggest rush there is. An athlete feels the rush of physical exercise or of being first past the post; a gambler feels the rush of winning a bet; lovers the rush of the first kiss. But these feelings of pleasure and satisfaction are one-dimensional. The rush felt through discovering and learning something fundamental about yourself or the world around you, encompasses so much more; the rush permeates your entire being, physically, emotionally and spiritually.